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dan was athletic today! - here is where i live

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April 22nd, 2001

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04:53 pm - dan was athletic today!
yay for me, and shiz. so, my dorm has not one, but 2 giant water balloon/watergun/water bottle/water fights. giant enough to bring in a nearby dorm. bwahaha. it ruled! so we were all wicked soaked and funly and stuff.. o and lots of girls in bikini tops, which is always a bonus.. and then i played volleyball. i suck at volleyball! luckily, i don't care. i'm not half bad at serving, but i seem incapable of returning a shot. but i hit the ball around, and ran around, and dived in the sand, and collided with megan like 5 times cuz we're smart. good times. then i changed my sheets! it's been a looong time since clean sheets. mm i can hardly wait. and i put away my laundry n stuff, cuz it had been sitting on the floor in the laundry bag for a few days. i'd forgotten how comfy t shirt and shorts are, compared with shirt shirt and pants. ohh the freedom. anyway, now i have to read "a house in earnest" which by all accounts blows, but whatever. i wanna go read up on the deck, but then i can't listen to music. o wait, i have a discman. score! haha!
o, and jake and geoff.. thanks for last nite. i was in a shitty mood when i left, but by the time we got back i was all happy again. whoo!
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