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eep.. - here is where i live

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April 22nd, 2001

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04:58 pm - eep..
george the birthday caterpillar balloon has made a bid for freedom. i had all my windows and door open, which apparently created quite a breeze. twice he goes sailing out of my room, down the hall, into the lounge, before i can catch him. the 3rd time i figure i'll leave him in teh lounge for the enjoyment of the dorm. so i'm back in my room, a few minutes later, and see him go flying past my window. which means he went up the stairs, out the back door, out towards the parking lot, around the dorm, and back towards the dorm again. he's now viciously tangled in a tree outside my window. i can see him if i lean way over. serves him right for fleeing.
state: entertained
np: Lords of Acid - Honey

(en garde!)

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