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yay, cute girls rescued my balloon! i'm sitting here reading house in earnest - not nearly so bad as everyone was saying, btw, unless it descends soon - and aly and shannon pop into my doorway with george, inquiring "is this your worm, sir?" i didn't bother pointing out he's actually a caterpillar. so now george is back floating happily in my room, smiling down on me. aww.
tho i did have to tie his string to one of the window opener thingys (i think i'm having a vocab loss here.. the handle thing that you turn to open the window) to keep him from blowing away again.
i was going to say something unrelated to that in this paragraph, but i've forgotten what it was.
as for this paragraph, i came back to my dorm last nite and people were halfway thru watching 'magnolia' which i've heard is a wonderful excelelnt movie. it's on tape, so i decided rather than start halfway thru i will watch it another time. i was planning to today, but sadly, reading must come first. so hopefully that tape will stay in the vcr for the next few days until i find 3 spare hours.
oh, i remember what that 3rd para was gonna be: i like k's choice. they are good.

end transmission.

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