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the vastly delayed and overdue wrapup post

so let's see.. this goes all the way back to the 15th :o went back to manch, and off to godsmack with scott and michelle and her 2 lil cousins of indeterminate age (approx 14). scott and michelle were debating who's better friends with me, it was funny. the line to get into singer park was IMMENSE! it was goin way the hell down commercial st. so we stand around forever to get in - o, these 2 wicked drunk guys walk past at one point heading to the back of hte line, singing "bad magick".. cept they changed the lyrics to "got to get back, back on track, to the back of the line" and they cracked up and staggered past.. it was highly amusing. and i kept tripping on stuff and walking into stuff! repeatedly! i was decidedly unsmooth. but anywayz, so eventually we get in there.. o yeah, anotehr line story: these guys were walking past saying they were collecting money for nyc firefighters, but they looked kinda sketchy so we passed on that, and gave to teh red cross guys instead cuz they were all official and whatnot. turned out hte firefighter guys were real too, but whatever. it went to good either way.
so yeah, just like every other band in teh universe who played shortly after wtc, godsmack had a candlelight prayer thing set for during their show, so we were all issued candles as we went in. yay! we went up front and got damn near the stage. people hadnt started crowding in yet, w00t for us. reveille started off and rocked ass, as they do. they played 'butterfly' and 'get me outta here', my 2 favorite songs off their 1st cd! yay! tho they didn't play "the phoenix" which is weird, cuz it's one of the 3 songs theyve had on teh radio. but whatever. oh, and they didn't use any samples during their set, except during "what you got", i wonder why. i wanted them to play that weird lounge guy at the end of permanent! it's so random and amusing. the crowd, meanwhile was getting damn riled up. everyone was SO ANGRY, it was scary. understandable, considering, but it was still bothersome. not too bad tho. then saliva came on.
two things abotu saliva: 1) they suck live. sucksucksuck. absolutely no stage presence. 2) "your disease" is the most mellow thing they played, by far. aggressive people. so teh crowd during them just got hella violent, people punching each other, it was crappy. so me and scott were holding the violence back from michelle and her cousins, yum. i'll point out, they werent just angry, they were also hardcore patriotic. random chants of U S A kept breaking out. i dunno tho.. i get the feeling theyre not really patriotic so much as pissed that we got attacked. no one cares until the bad guys show up. and the bands all played right along to it, dedicating their asskicking songs to bin ladin and whatnot
then godsmack! the crowd when they came out just pressssssed up tight so you could barely move. it wasnt as bad as when aerosmith came on at river rave, but it was a squeeze. anywayz, they rawked, of course. vampires was excellent (yay instrumentals), they played a bajillion songs, it was all good. the required lowered volume probably kept my head from exploding, being up near the front. i forget which song for, but they brought out a 2nd drum set at one point and sully had at it, much like when i saw 3 doors down. only cooler, cuz it's godsmack. their stage set up was friggin ridiuclous! the most gothic thing ever, all caves and skulls and flames and weirdness. and sully was dressed exactly like springstein from the born in the usa video, which i thoguht was pretty funny but no one else seemed entertained by. it didnt take long before michelle decided her cousins needed out of hte pit and the 3 of them went out, scott and their friend sara who was also there went shortly after. i stayed in awhile longer then headed out myself to where it was a little less crowded. i coudlnt find them (turns out they went all the way back tot he stands) so just stood there a lil back from teh stage where it wasnt so ridiuclously moshy and rocked out for the rest of hte show. so many people go to shows and just stand there! i don't get it. so eventually they got around to doing the candle thing. we all light up and have a "minute of silence". considering how many people were there, it was impressively silent. then about 30 seconds into it, they blasted the national anthem over the loudspeaker and unfurled two ginormous american flags. they did 3 very short covers (the chorus of each) in a row: "we're not gonna take it" "i wanna rock n roll all nite" and "walk", each played off as spontaneious and appropriate to the current events. tho michelle reports that they played the same 3 songs in teh same order (wihtout hte context, of course) last time she saw them. ha, busted! but i was pumped anyway. they played pantera! heh. and they wrapped it all up with voodoo, of course. the best song of the night was probably "bad magick". that song rules, even if the riff is straight outta black sabbath. o, and this amused me: ya know how after a concert they play random music thru the loudspeakers so no one has to talk to each other? after godsmack they go straight into afroman "because i got high". yay for keeping to the same style of music... and everyone in the crowd sang along to it, it was great. no one selling ridiuclously cheap shirts this time tho :[ if any were under 10 bucks i woulda gotten it. all the shirts had deftones on the back, which i thought was funny. wrong show, dorks! course, i wanted those even more, but whatever..
so the next event of note... tuesday in fiction, she reminds us that we have class thursday cuz she can't come next tuesday. i remind her that i have a lab then so i cant come. so she informs me that my paper is due wednesday at noon so she can get it in time. so i suddenly lose 28 hours of writing time. eek! i ended up being up all damn night writing that thing (took a 2 hr nap at one point when i lost hte ability to type). it came out pretty crappy but whatever. she doesn't like how i write, she can't expect me to be good at writing how she wants. i ended up writing about going skydiving and watching someone fall to their death. it mighta been salvagable except i had no ending. i got to the end and coudlnt think of anything, so tacked on one of those "it sounds deep but actually means nothing at all" deals. o well. at least i finished, there were approximately A MILLION ideas i had before that one where i got thru like a paragraph and got stuck. grr.
have i mentioned how stupid my physics lab is? it's stupid. but luckily at this one i ended up working with this random kid cuz bouts was late, adn he turned out to be a math whiz or something. he was doing everything superspeed while i'm still trying to figure out what some stupid variable stands for. so i basicaly just copied all his answers, it was pretty sweet. then had my test. it was mostly easy cept for the occasional nonsensical question (apparently germans use innertial dampers to keep things in their giant zero g tower in flight longer????), and the last question (one of those big worth 1/3 of the test ones) which made no sense whatsoever and i basically made up my answer. i ended up getting a 94 on the test! w00t for danny! and i got 17 (out of 17) on my 1st lab paper. w00t me again. wait, i already posted about the lab report, didnt i. eh. YOU READ IT TWICE AND YOU LIKE IT TWICE! after the test i went and hung out w/ julie for awhile. yay.
friday i went to the rochester fair with art, larissa, megan and larry. it ruled! didnt go on any rides tho cuz theyre frighteningly expensive and i had to save all my money for wasting on fair food. mmmmm fair food! i was the fullest person ever by the end of the night. as art said (he really is the funniest person ever. he hates everything! so he's constantly just ranting about whatever and going off on things and it's hilarious), rochester fair is better than most town fairs cuz they don't try to hide the scumminess. the horse pull was the best part: the entire event is a couple horses pulling this big pile of bricks about 2 feet. why?? people were getting all pumped about it tho. we went and checked out all the animals - there were tons of llamas for some reason. and there was an 851 pound pumpkin! BIG PUMPKIN! fun times. o yeah, and there was one of those 'throw a baseball at the beer bottles to smash them adn win stuff' games, only all the bottles had a picture of bin ladin taped to them. it was the SMASH BIN LADIN game. larissa took pictures. so once those are developed we can instantly win any argument with stupid people. "oh yeah? [whip out picture] the SMASH BIN LADIN game!" and of course when we hooked up later with other woodruffians at the fair, dubie had played the game a few times. he didnt smash bin ladin though. o yeah, and the lady running the game, aside from having no teeth, coudln't pronounce his name right. "ben laid-en". o, adn there was horse racing! and the riders were abusing the horses! blarg. i made a comment on that and some dirty guy said it was good as long as it won him his ten bucks (there was betting). how nice.
then we went to larry's apt for awhile, then came back, in time to watch most of 'army of darkness' that people were watching (the night before, we'd watched evil dead 2 with commentary, it's great). it was a w00tical night.
o yeah, on teh way back.. there was this house with a big sign on it that said "may god have mercy on their souls, because we won't!" the depressingness of which was compounded when i was informed that was actually a quote from some senator or something. o goody..
saturday was tiff's birthday. i sent her an email. i don't even know if she uses that email address anymore. i don't know where she lives now or if she still works at daltons or anything. i miss her, but i have no idea how i'd go about contacting her.
tuesday they played "life is beautiful" in the mub and i went to go watch. (i'd had an away msg up for awhile asking if anyone wanted to go with me. amusingly, all the people who answered and said they wanted to go live far away adn were thereby not entirely serious. stupid local uncultured people). i think that's the 3rd time i've seen that, 3rd or 4th. what a great movie. i had an epiphany or something after it, basically to the effect that things i'm usually upset by are stupid and pointless and i should be happy cuz life is generally a good thing. so i was ebullient for a few days on that before it wore off to a dull optimism. i dunno, really, how that came thru. but i'm good, so yay. and whatnot. o yeah, and that day i was supposed to hang out w/ lyzi who disapeared as she tends to do. grr at her! grr!
finaly managed to get to an aegis meeting thursday! heh, only had to miss the 1st two. i went to dinner w/ julie and her friend raku (lil asian kid, he seemed cool) 1st, then we, minus raku, went down to the meeting. there were new people! two girls. no wait, 3 girls, one was late. yay for being in a group that's mainly women. actually i think me, matt, and steve are the only guys. and they werent there. yeah me. so anywya, the meeting was just to make posters cuz we didnt really have anything important to do. me and julie proved conclusively that we are incapable of making posters above a drunken kindergardener level. i think that's our 3rd now, adn it was godawful. yay for posters for the literary magainze with words spelled wrong! (she was going to write sharp and wrote shahp. her excuse is that's how she'd say it with her accent, whcih is true. heh). the crowning touch was me writing upside down across the top "you're reading upside down!!" colleen said our poster was very 'vegas', cuz she won't say anything bad about anything. she's like me. hmm. but yeah, so we put that up on the poster wall near the mailboxes. o yeah, and she was tellin me about how it turns out ben, her i dont know friend boyfriend guy, turns out to be a [i forget the word! one of those people who lies all the time for no reason and can't help it]. so whatever. i'm pretty damn sure i'm squarely stuck in just-friends-land anyway, from other things she's said. fnarr.
saturday night was rocky horror picture show! that was quite the experience. there was a miscommunication - i had no outfit for it, and i'd thought laura and nastassia were getting one for me, but appraently they didnt realize they were doing this. so i lastminute ended up in nastassia's pants and shirt and heron's bra (ha! as i'm putting it on, she says "o, now i can never wear THAT again!" it was her idea, so phbbt to her). i was damn sexy, let me tell you. laura has pictures, i'll have to get copies. ya know, after wearing a bra for bout 2 hours, i really hate the damn things. how do women put up with them? (tho i guess having breats to hold them up mgiht help, those socks werent really cutting it). and theyre hard to get on and off too. stupid lil clippy things. i was told i should practice the taking off for when it will come into play. hmm.... anywayz, laura and nastassia were all skanked up, and pictures were taken of them in my lap. >pimp!< carter was kinda sulking the whole time cuz (i think cuz) laura was 'my date' and he wasnt invited and he was bein weird. we berated him into going eventually, so all's well that ends well. he didnt dress up tho. it was the funniest thing ever! i need to learn all the audience participation stuff so i can yell random obscenities with everyone else. i dont know how you could make that movie any dirtier, but they manage. very random stuff too.. "in a moment you will meet.... a man with NO NECK" they were all about that guy's lack of neck for some reason. and dave pointed out that teh evil butler guy looked just like jay. hahah o my. and there were random freshman fencer people there! that ruled. steph leblanc was there with widger, hmm. it was a 'props provided' show so we got to throw rice and whtnot along with everyone else. yay! so after that, went back and changed into real clothes adn i headed out. i stopped at the stephs' room to see if steph and widger had gotten back adn all the fencer people were there! yay! haha i'd actually forgotten she fenced. so we all hung out there awhile and then me and 3 of them went to jess' room and watched some weirdass movie. it had balki in it! he played like 4 people. it was a terrible movie, but entertaining. and we were all being superweird, it being like 5am and all. eventually i came back here and talked online for another hour and went to bed and slept til 2. yay!
when i stopped at the stephs room, i talked to originalsteph a lil too. we're getting lunch thursday cuz we never get to see each other =) i'm all psyched about this, it's kinda stupid. i know theres no point, but.. hey.. ya never know.
and today i mostly did homework and procrastinated from doing homework, pausing this busy schedule to see 'hannibal'. o my weird! i dunno what to think of that movie. i need to read the book now to see how different it is. the directing was ridley scott so of course that was damn near brilliant (with the one GLARING FLAW that you could repeatedly see the mics hanging down from the ceiling in the brain scene. how did nobody catch that?? good grief!). the script however, was pretty crappy. all the characters were crapped up (the second lector becomes the good guy he stops being sympathetic) and the plot made no sense. that evil rich deformed guy was pretty cool tho. that was some NASTY makeup, wow did he look frightening. most of hte problems can be blamed on the book, from what i've heard. harris has moments of awesomeness, but he's really not a very good writer. there was 1 detail in silence of hte lambs that got left out of the movie whcih i thought was kinda interesting: lector has 6 fingers on his right hand. and i just spent an hour and a half writing this. back to reading.. dammit it's 4:30am already. i really shoudlnt skip physics tomorrow.. fnarr..

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