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errant thought

i'll start my 'errant thought' by not getting to the thought yet, but did i spell errant right? it looks wrong, but i can't think how else it might be. of course i could just look it up, but i'd rather just babble.
so yes, my thought was that - ok, another quick interruption, why does my dorm smell strongly of chloriene right now? - my thought was that i have been sleeping oddly lately. not that i haven't realized that til just now, but it occurred to me to mention here. cuz you all want to know. ha. anyway, so yes, dan don't sleep well the past few days. i'll be lying there waiting to fall asleep, and then i feel like i did fall asleep and i was for an hour or so but just woke up, ilook at the clock and it's only been a few minutes. then i do get to sleep, but wake up after only 6 hours or so, not feeling all that tired, per se, but still wanting more sleep. so i lie there for a while and maybe fall asleep for another hour. but i won't notice. like i eventually realize that, hey, i wasn't just running around on some mountain, i was lying here the whole time, that must have been a dream! i must have fallen asleep. even though i didn't notice i had.

thirsty is a mood? hmm.

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