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!!!%^#^TG$# my brain is not workijng any way approaching coherence.… - here is where i live

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October 2nd, 2001

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12:59 pm
!!!%^#^TG$# my brain is not workijng any way approaching coherence. it's quite interesting really, thoughts just go in various directions and i can tell while i'm thinking it that it doenst make any sense. the perfect state of mind to do more work for fiction! yay! shoot me in the head.
i think i like offended some ppl from my dorm.. i was just at lunch and i was sittin alone cuz when i went into the room i dint see anyone. then mike comes by and says why arent i sitting with everyone and i turn around theres like 3 of em at a table. i tell mike i didnt see them, we talk about broomball for a sec adn then he goes to sit down with them and rahter than follow i turn back to my food and keep eating. hm. and then steph randomly appeared cuz she was meeting some sam guy for lunch. yay
lunch sucked today. but i had a grapefruit, that was good. they were pre-cut-in-half tho,and they did it the normal way. o well. i like eating grapefruit like an orange
so tired. want to asleepy. neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
back to work to work for me, hi ho hi ho i go
np: Live - Freaks (live)

(en garde!)

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