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offending people is fun! - here is where i live

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October 3rd, 2001

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01:40 am - offending people is fun!
tiiznit (1:21:50 AM): tiiznit (12:17:40 AM): stupid dan is abandoning us!
Scummder (12:17:46 AM): ?
tiiznit (12:18:06 AM): he's leaving!
Scummder (12:18:14 AM): on a jetplane?
tiiznit (12:18:53 AM): don't know when he'll be back again!
Scummder (12:19:23 AM): I'm leaving in short order too...
tiiznit (12:19:44 AM): that's not the next line in the song..
King Nixon (1:22:21 AM): heh
King Nixon (1:22:26 AM): close enough
tiiznit (1:22:35 AM): quiet, you
King Nixon (1:22:45 AM): aaliyah on a jetplane... dont know when she'll be back again....
tiiznit (1:22:57 AM): aaliyah?
tiiznit (1:23:07 AM): uh.. yes..
King Nixon (1:23:09 AM): that pop singer lady who died in a plane crash a few weeks ago
tiiznit (1:23:17 AM): oh god, that's terrible..
King Nixon (1:23:19 AM): yes it is
tiiznit (1:23:21 AM): ::can't stop laughing::
King Nixon (1:23:34 AM): i forget where i 1st heard that, but the lazardos played it at their show. it was great
tiiznit (1:23:50 AM): that is so terrible..
King Nixon (1:23:51 AM): and after that, they played their song "shallow". here's the intro
King Nixon (1:23:58 AM): dave: ok, the next song is called shallow!
King Nixon (1:24:05 AM): jeff: it's about aaliyah's grave
tiiznit (1:24:14 AM): but then again, so is "why taxi to the office when united airlines can fly you right there"
tiiznit (1:24:19 AM): ahahaha
King Nixon (1:24:32 AM): dave: yeah, and about how she won't make out with us cuz we're fat and gross [thats generally how it's introduced, that it's about how no one will make out with them]
King Nixon (1:24:36 AM): jeff: ....and alive
np: Filter (nickelback remix) - hey Man Nice Shot

(en garde!)

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