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October 3rd, 2001

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10:06 pm - savage political infidels
so i went with some people in my dorm to see a speaker for the objectivist club explain how he feels we should deal with terrorists. for those who don't know, objectivists are followers of ayn rand's philosophy that everyone is their own responsibility and greed is a virtue and so forth. now while i actually do agree with a lot of the core points of objectivism, i've found that most people who call themselves objectivists are stupid insufferable bastards. anyway, long story short, the guy's counter-terrorism plan was simple: nuke all countries in the middle east and leave whoever remains in israel's charge. and furthermore, go to war with any other countries which expressed disagrement with this.
i'd explain what he had to say more in depth, but there's really no point. it was ALL THAT STUPID AND HORRIBLE. he was arrogant and rude and a fucking prick - some kid asked a valid question and he called him PATHETIC!! - and kept insulting people, and he outright told us at the beginning that we wodulnt understand him. and at the end of his speech, when it was question time, he would cut everyone off and berate people and omigod what a horrible person. and when nick started yelling at him and woudln't let him talk over him he started saying how he had the hall rented for a lecture not a forum and if someone else wanted to give a speech they could get their own lecture. a) he was paid to be there by a student group funded by unh, whcih says they HAVE to be forums not lectures. b) the hall was rented til 7, his speech didnt even end til 7:40. c) he was standing in front of a podium that SAID FORUM ON IT! and he was mad because we thought it was a forum. ahhhhhhhhh
state: ahhhhhhh
np: U2 - New Years Day 2 (Live)

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Date:October 4th, 2001 05:53 am (UTC)
Isn't it almost Halloween?

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