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dan vastly contributes to the scientific community

o yeah, so i got that SETI@home thing the other day. it's kinda neat. i've got it allthetime running in the background, and turned off the screensaver, cuz i never use screensavers anyway. if i'm gonna be gone for awhile, i turn off the monitor. and it runs faster sans pic anyway. but yeah, so that's cool. i've got 2 work units done, and i'm 51.069% done the 3rd. good for me.
and i saw "traffic" last night, which i don't think i mentioned yet. a very good movie! you should all see it.
and everyone download this song, cuz it's lots of fun.
i reeeeeally should read more now. i'm planning to get about 150 pgs thru tonite, so as to be able to finish tomorrow, i'm currenlty on page 23. haha. o crap, i have to do that stupid crit analysis article thing too sometime. that won't take long tho.

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