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ha ha i'm an idiot - here is where i live

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April 23rd, 2001

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12:31 am - ha ha i'm an idiot
i just remembered my car is still in the philbrook lot. craptacular. the west edge shuttle isn't running anymore tonight, so i'll have to go move it over to c lot and walk back. i think i'd better do it after i'm done everything else tho, cuz i probably won't want to work when i get back. i'm on page 52 now. i really had a massive procrastination attack, there, but i think i'm on task now. (cept that i'm writing in here now, but shh). so yeah, read 75 or so pages, find some stupid article online, write a lil summary, go move my car. i should be in bed by 3 if i'm good. that's almost 5 hours, almost 6 if i skip calc again. we'll see.
in other news, julie should be getting back from washington in an hour or two. i hope she had a good time.
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np: Underworld - Born Slippy

(en garde!)

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