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ok, so when did c lot become commuter parking?! friggin thing, it was open for all all thru the winter parking ban. so i driver over there just now and it's a commuter lot. ok. so i drive back,a nd put my car right where it started. so i'im getting ticketed tomrrow but oh well. oh, and coming back, i almost went tumbling down the stairs to the lounge, and hurt my knee. yeah. i'm angry now, so i'm skipping calc after all. i wonder ifh'es been taking attendence, i should ask someone. i'm on pg 113 in that book. close enough to what i was shooting for, i'll just hvae more to read tomorrow. and it took a lot longer than i was expecting to find that article, cuz the directsion she gave were extremely wrong. her directions on finding hte articles were missing like 3 steps, and the way she gave had no way to find them fulltext, so i had to go to a whole nother section just by guessing, and found it there. otherwisei i coudlnt've done it seeing as the library is closed and all. there is an extremely loud fly somewhere in this room.

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