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top of the world, ma!

yayyyyy no ticket for dan no ticket for dan! so despite my car being wrongly parked for upwards of 4 hours, my crime goes unpunished. it is now back at west edge, where the damn thing belongs, i guess. yep. oh! ok check this out: walking out of ham smith after class, i'm goin down the hall, i hear this huge THUD right above my head, so i look up. and am completley showered in plaster falling off the ceiling. bah! i don't know what they were doing up there but it displeases me. and it's still warm today which rules. and i amazed my crit analysis teacher by figuring out how to find articles on the unh library website (crappiest thing ever) despite her notedly wrong directions as to such. i said how i found them, in class, and she was sitting there taking notes. i was very amused. especially cuz my directiosn sucked too, being off the top of my head.. "now, go to the library page with the two columns and the one on the right has.. stuff.. i don't know what it is.. and the left is all links to other things. and there's 3 at the top for databases.. go to the 2nd, that's for searching databases.. well they all are.. go to the 2nd.. " and so forth. good for dan. i'm going to play diablo now, because fake violence is fun.

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