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well then

i can't concentrate at all. grr! i need to finish this book tonite. but i can't read more than a few paragraphs before my mind wanders off. oh well.
i saw "my life in pink" today. french people make weird friggin movies, let me tell you. it was about this 7 yr old boy who decides he wants to be a girl, like the pam dolls which apparently are the equivalent of barbie. he has this really involved fantasies of flying over toy landscapes with pam (who in her reallife incarnation looked like a slutty good witch of the whatever), him in this shiny pink dress he apparently stole from the dead neighbor girl's closet. it was a crazy movie. a couple really funny scenes, but overall rather sad. the ending was happy, tho it seemed for no reason. suddenly everything was fine, cuz the movie was over and they had no better way to end it. but yeah. neat flick. they're also playing 'on the waterfront' and 'psycho' in the mub tomorrow, i dunno if i'll see either.

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