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Big Joe AG (1:43:26 AM): what if someone could genetically engineer a mini-cow the size of a cat
King Nixon (1:43:34 AM): like hte elephants in jurassic park?
HJFintmann (1:43:38 AM): I'd be first in line
Big Joe AG (1:43:47 AM): ye
tiiznit (1:43:49 AM): indeed
King Nixon (1:43:53 AM): i'd cut in front of you when you werent looking
tiiznit (1:43:53 AM): it wouldn't need a lot of grass
tiiznit (1:43:59 AM): perhaps enough that it could mow parts of the lawn
tiiznit (1:44:01 AM): moo
Big Joe AG (1:44:12 AM): it would be cool , cause like , u could pet it and stuff
tiiznit (1:44:18 AM): i would hit dan with a hammer until he ran away and left me at the front
King Nixon (1:44:21 AM): lol
King Nixon (1:44:26 AM): you can pet cows now..
Big Joe AG (1:44:34 AM): yea but theyre big
tiiznit (1:44:43 AM): i like petting big things
King Nixon (1:44:43 AM): just more of it to pet, baby
HJFintmann (1:44:43 AM): I think we need to get all the best genetic engineers to work on this right away
tiiznit (1:44:47 AM): ::considers:: brb
Big Joe AG (1:44:49 AM): you cant pick em up , and like, play with their children
King Nixon (1:44:58 AM): their children?!
tiiznit (1:45:02 AM): hee, play with their children? wtf?
Big Joe AG (1:45:16 AM): like when they have little moo kitten things
HJFintmann (1:45:21 AM): And when it gets too old and you have to put it to sleep, you can have a barbecue
Big Joe AG (1:45:22 AM): like a cow/cat hybrid

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