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this is the subject of this post.

yep. so i never did finish that stupid book.. i have 50 pgs to go.. but i wrote the paper anyway, cuz class was in like 450 minutes from when i started writing, i figured i probly shoudl start it then, as opposed to when it would be too late. er, 40 mins, not 450. yeah. but anyway, i was saying.. so apparently the entire class but me hated that book. i thought it was rather cool. and would've enjoyed it, cept for having to rush to read it for class, which makes me automatically hateful to it on principle. but whtaever. this will be one of the books i keep, i think. that's basically the rating of whether a book-for-class sucks or not, if it's worth owning when the class is done. for example, my crit analysis textbooky thing has some really cool stories in it (including "the yellow wallpaper" which i MUST find somewhere else), and poems and stuff, but it's not worth the 40odd dollars i had to spend on the stupid thing. hopefully i can get a good percent of that back. blah. but yeah, it's a neat book, "a house in earnest", extremely disjointed. this seems to be what alot of ppl had a problem with, but i thought it was cool. i like reading things like that. time and place woudl switch with very little warning, occasionallly in mid-sentence. you have to pay attention. this was the same class whcih praised some weird story about vietnam soldiers invading america for being disjointed, so what do they know.. (hey nastassia, as representative of the class, what's your response to that?)
also in this class we were informed that our class journals would be due in a week. ha ha. ha. ha ha ha. yep. so i'm kinda screwed on that. dan will be writing many a postdated journal entry over the course of this week. should be fun. by which i mean horrible, but ya know.. oh, also, the final draft of all our papers are due a week after that. 2 of those i haven't technically started yet. yayyyy for horrible flaming death. bah.
oh, not to mention critical analysis drawing to a close as well. i have a paper due in there friday, god knows what i'm gonna write for it. tho at least for that one, no one has a clue what to write. viva la uninspired class! but yeah. so dan is gonna be phuckan (i've decided to start spelling that the billiam way) busy for awhile.
at least calc and myth still are mostly work-free. tho, due to high reading-load in other classes, i haven't been reading hte iliad this time. so hopefully the sparknotes, classes, and the studygroup o' fun before hte test will do it for me.
oh! i almost forgot to mention...... MINI FEST IS COMING! it's gonna be neat. saturday may 5 will be various amusements in the mini circle, the day after will have bands - 3 ska/punk, 1 folk - and, that friday thru the following monday, we will be the proud renters of a BOUNCY HOUSE! YAYY! now, this has caused some confusion in my away msg already, so, for the uneducated: a bouncy house is those neat things they have at carnivals, the giant house-shaped balloons you can bounce around in, merrily. whee! good times had by all. so we're gonna have one scant feet in front of the dorm for 4 days. eeeeyes. i fully intend to sleep in there at least 1 night. it'll be like a ginormous air mattress!
gah! why did i write all that?! i was supposed to be doing homework so i could go to sleep. damn and blast. ok, time to go look up crappy articles on "love medicine" so i can write something resembling a paper for friday.
and there was much rejoicing.

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