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King Nixon (10:34:15 PM): hmm.. do you remember hearin about me n lauri's friend julia, from a couple yrs ago?
stgegodess (10:34:41 PM): no...
King Nixon (10:34:55 PM): ah
stgegodess (10:35:00 PM): y?
King Nixon (10:35:26 PM): well this wont be so exciting then.. but we were veryvery good friends but kinda... ran out of thigns to say. i havent even thought of her in a long time. she just IMed me to say she's applyin to unh
stgegodess (10:35:37 PM): yay!
King Nixon (10:41:27 PM): thats the thing tho... im' not sure it's a yay. i mean, there's a reason we stopped hanging out. it just got boring..
stgegodess (10:43:58 PM): well its been a while tho
King Nixon (10:45:23 PM): true
King Nixon (10:46:10 PM): she seemed more.. restrained
King Nixon (10:46:17 PM): tonite, i mean
stgegodess (10:46:22 PM): ?
King Nixon (10:46:58 PM): she always used to sound hyper excited online.. she was kinda low key
stgegodess (10:47:13 PM): maybe shes changed
King Nixon (10:47:55 PM): maybe. hmm
King Nixon (10:48:59 PM): well she's back on my buddylist.. we shall see.... i'd like us to be friends again

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