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Riverwhile (10:57:51 PM): oh, no! Scroty has been kidnapped!
King Nixon (10:57:58 PM): ??
Riverwhile (10:59:18 PM): he's being held for ransom -- all the nads have to skate wearing nothing but their jockstraps at tomorrow nite's game, and 200 fans have to be there to witness, or they won't give him back!
King Nixon (10:59:41 PM): i'm so very confused
Riverwhile (11:00:08 PM): (he's our mascot -- a seven foot erect penis named scroty -- i thought i told you about him?)
King Nixon (11:00:15 PM): nooooooo
King Nixon (11:00:26 PM): why is a 7 foot erect penis named scroty your mascot?
Riverwhile (11:01:20 PM): lol. oh, ok then, well, because we're a twisted little school and our hockey team is called the nads for the sole purpose of having the school cheer be "GONADS!"
King Nixon (11:01:48 PM): the team name is REALLY nads?! that is awesome
Riverwhile (11:02:18 PM): and then someone came up with the bright idea of scroty, made a costume, but now it's been kidnapped by clark university's team.
Riverwhile (11:02:27 PM): yep.
King Nixon (11:02:34 PM): that scares me
Riverwhile (11:03:50 PM): no, what's s cary is the cheering fans, who go to games to yell the most obscene insults they can think of at the members of the other team. usually, they pick one memeber of the other team and pick on them throught the entire game.
King Nixon (11:04:06 PM): aww

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