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BlaznRob (11:50:18 PM): if an unstoppable force collided with an immovable object, what would happen
King Nixon (11:51:43 PM): kaboom.
BlaznRob (11:53:12 PM): actually, it's a paradox
BlaznRob (11:53:18 PM): if one existed, the other could not
King Nixon (11:53:50 PM): true
King Nixon (11:53:58 PM): which doesnt help at all with an answer, however
BlaznRob (11:55:19 PM): sure it does
BlaznRob (11:55:23 PM): it means there isnt an answer
King Nixon (11:55:24 PM): how do you figure?
King Nixon (11:55:33 PM): why? just cuz it's a paradox doesnt mean it's impossible
BlaznRob (11:55:46 PM): yes it does
King Nixon (11:55:46 PM): movement is a paradox. you're passing over an infinite number of infinitely small spaces
BlaznRob (11:55:53 PM): they cancel eachother out
King Nixon (11:56:05 PM): but obviously it happens.. cuz, stuff moves
BlaznRob (11:56:31 PM): by definition, an "unstoppable force" couldnt exist in the same universe as an "immovable object"
King Nixon (11:56:45 PM): they could if they never meet
King Nixon (11:56:56 PM): or if their meeting has some unforeseen effect
King Nixon (11:57:03 PM): perhaps they pass thru each other
King Nixon (11:57:11 PM): then both conditions would be met
BlaznRob (11:57:23 PM): that wouldnt work
King Nixon (11:57:25 PM): why?
BlaznRob (11:57:30 PM): because it wouldnt be immovable
King Nixon (11:57:35 PM): sure it would. it didnt move.
King Nixon (11:57:43 PM): it just allowed the force to move past it
BlaznRob (11:58:30 PM): but it wouldnt be there at all if it stuff could just pass through it
King Nixon (12:00:37 AM): sure it would. we pass thru things all teh time
King Nixon (12:00:49 AM): magnetic fields, for example
King Nixon (12:00:55 AM): or various subatomic particles
King Nixon (12:01:09 AM): i forget their name. the kind scientists detect with giant pools of water
BlaznRob (12:01:35 AM): ok, dipshit
BlaznRob (12:01:46 AM): an invincible, immovable object
King Nixon (12:01:56 AM): invincible?
King Nixon (12:01:57 AM): lol
King Nixon (12:03:33 AM): i dont think it's possible in our universe, cuz THEY arent possible. but in a hypothetical universse where they could exist i dont see why their meeting is impossible
King Nixon (12:03:40 AM): cuz we woudlnt know anything about how it works there
BlaznRob (12:04:29 AM): well, in MY universe...
King Nixon (12:05:47 AM): heh
King Nixon (12:05:51 AM): i guess thatd make you the expert
BlaznRob (12:06:01 AM): damn straight
BlaznRob (12:06:24 AM): we argue about the most fun things :-)
King Nixon (12:07:15 AM): yes we do =)
King Nixon (12:07:17 AM): and i always win!
BlaznRob (12:07:27 AM): you didnt win
BlaznRob (12:07:28 AM): i won
King Nixon (12:07:29 AM): well, in MY universe...

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