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crapgasm - here is where i live

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October 29th, 2001

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07:08 pm - crapgasm
arright. i'm not all depressy anymore like i was for much of the weekend (don't ask), but now i have a legitamite complaint: dan has taken ill! o, the tragedy! anyway, yeah, i think i have ebola or something, and will most likely not be going to fencing tonite as i would fall over dead the 1st time i get hit. the Big One (tournament o' doom) is sunday so missing practice, esp with my lax performance of late, is kinda lame. but whatever. i'll just have to rock harder the rest of the week! yar!

o yeah, and everyone go watch this cuz it rules more than most things do. that's a whole lotta ruling!
state: muckymuck
np: tenacious d - wonderboy

(en garde!)

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