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people who make tons of sense - here is where i live

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April 25th, 2001

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02:32 am - people who make tons of sense
so i've got all my shit done for the nite, getting ready for bed.. yay i get to sleep now. but 1st, i go to the bathroom. nick knocks on teh bathroom door - as is done in woodruff, in case someone is strollling around nude in some sort of pre-shower festivity (bear in mind these are all coed bathrooms in this wacky hippie dorm of mine) - i say "come in" figuring he's gonna pee or brush his teeth or something. he instead opens the door (god that thing squeaks) and asks if he was making too much noise. i answer no, he says ok and leaves. now, this is odd for a simple reason: he was making NO NOISE AT ALL that i had heard. after i come out, i listen for a moment, standing in the hall, and could faintly hear some soft music. hmm. also while i was listening, i noticed a sticker on his door: "for vaginal use only" and it has the woman symbol on it. good for him.
that reminds me.. this is brilliant.. julie was in washington sunday to protest george bush's anti-abortion-ness.. so her banner read "don't let bush control your bush". charming, no?
hmmm... i just noticed, i have this song in my playlist twice.. once listed as "why do all girls think they're fat" and once as "fat girls suck" but the actual song is the same. hmm. considering the titles give basiaclly the exact opposite messsages, and i can't figure out what he actually says in teh song, anyone wanna help me out what it really is?
state: amusedamused
np: Reel Big Fish-Why Do All Girls Think They're Fat

(en garde!)

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