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sha la la

well, i'm feelin mostly better today. turns out all i had to do was throw up 600 times and i'd be fine, as i discovered around 2am when i spent awhile in hte bathroom. yum. so now i just have a vague headache and my throat is full of poison goo.
unsettling things to do: take 3 motrin, then about a half hour later cough one of them back up. that was kinda unexpected. not throw it up, mind you, cough it up. o yeah, and when i was originally taking the motrin, while swallowing the 2nd one i got this reeeeeally bad sharp stabbing pain in my right nostril. i don't know what the hell that was about but it sucked.
if anyone knows what this song is and wants to tell me, i'd be grateful. i'm fairly sure it's one of those "let's put famous bands in the mp3 name so people will find our song online" kinda things, but i like it a lot and haven't been able to find who actually did it.

ps: new emotions at ! yay!

I propose a toast to my self control
You see it crawling helpless on the floor
Someday there'll be a cure for pain
That's the day I throw my drugs away
When they find a cure for pain

--morphine, cure for pain

ooh, a nutbar:

i'm at the goa fortress now, in crystalis. almost done! i think next i'm gonna do dragon warrior. ah retro..

yay, lj is back online! now i can finally post this, from a million years ago (ok, this afternoon)

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