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epic filmmaking

jacob's ladder was much slower and weirder and much less horror-movie-ish than i'd remembered it being. the room was split between me and paul enjoying it muchly, brette and [i forget who else was in the room] being very confused (to brette's defense, she came in late), and some blond kid whose name i forget who didn't say what he thought either way. that hellhospital scene is still fuckall scary tho, that has to rank as one of the alltime freakier scenes of any movie. and since when i rented it (i had a helluva time renting it, no one has the damn movie. i went ot the video update in the mub, htey didnt have it, i went to the 'durham movie stop', they didnt have it, i had to drive to the giant video update in lee to get it. on the plus side, they were having a 2 movies for a buck thing which apparently they do every tuesday, and i got 'dead alive' which we watched half of before the lorax adn it friggin RULES. o my hardcore insanity. it's evil dead 2 on tons of speed. the funniest part - to me anyway - is that when there isn't horrible things going on it looks like one of those annoying foreign artsy films that people claim are brilliant even tho theyre stupid. it's just filmed that way, which makes it even weirder. and it has a NINJA PRIEST who proclaims that "it's time to kick ass for god!" and proceeds to do just that. beautiful. and bear in mind we're only halfway thru, from what i understand it only gets better from here. and the intro looks like it's from a different movie entirely. strange.
oh, one final point: the director/writer of this lovely film went on to direct "the frighteners" and is slated to direct all 3 lord of the rings movies. HA!

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