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i have no business being awake at this hour. especially as i'm NOT EVEN WORKING ON MY STUPID HOMEWORK

i could just hand it in next week, i suppose. i'm not in the everyone-reads-it group this time, after all. she'll probably do some evil-and-yet-archly-polite-and-literate bitching at me for not dropping it off at her office or whatever. eh. i emailed her that i woudlnt be there, she never answered, i dont care. tho i seem to remember her saying she doesnt check her email much.

the problem is, of course, if i dont do it tonite, i'll put it off til monday night and probably end up doing hte same thing. someone please give me their motivation, i seem to have lost mine. sumnabitch.

and i need to catch up on reading for linguistics and bible, and need to contact my partners for the linguistics project cuz we have to rewrite our proposal. and need to do my weekly physics homework tomorrow. and learn the whole section tomorrow for the test thursday. and do my lab report for thursday. and i bet there was even more fiction homework to do, i hadnt even checked cuz of the story.

i let myself get so behind in everything, then stress out because i suddenly have masses of thigns i need to do in like 2 minutes and i go insane. then i somehow get it all done or fudge it sufficiently, and we begin anew. i need to either care more or care less, i think either way would solve hte major problem of me going periodically insane. caring more would probably work better overall tho, what with not giving up on life and such.

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