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yago is the interviewer, the rest is weezer - here is where i live

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November 1st, 2001

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01:19 am - yago is the interviewer, the rest is weezer
Yago: Once and for all, what's with the emo thing? Why does everybody tag you guys as an emo band ...

Wilson: I don't know, man. You tell me. I thought Fugazi was emo.

Bell: Well, first there was Grover. And he had a sidekick, and then all of a sudden this emo character has his own movie.

Wilson: I don't know how we got tied into it, but, man. I haven't seen any checks.

Bell: I haven't heard any of those bands.

Yago: Would you consider yourself emo?

Welsh: I thought those were just rock bands.

Bell: I think we're more Elmo.

Welsh: Elmo? Elmo rock. I think we're just a rock band.

Yago: What would you say is different about touring this time?

Bell: I say we're all different. We listen to each other more. And the band's just a stronger rock and roll band, man.

Wilson: I agree with that.

Cuomo: I don't remember what it was like. I think I drank too much before. It's all just a blur.

Bell: [We're] all straight-edge now.

Wilson: Yeah, we're not emo. We're straight-edge.
state: straight-edge elmo rock!
np: Weezer - Surfwax America (live)

(en garde!)

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