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very odd. the first bit i remember is me, dave, and julie all going to apply at abacus (re-apply for me and dave). we're sitting in a big room with this lady attempting to convince a buncha people to work there. i guess it's one of those mass application days. one of her main selling points is that she's got a big bottle of pickles and we each get one. tho i never did for some reason - i wanted one. anyway, the 3 of us are being very insane, we keep talking and wrestling each other and ignoring all the abacus people. it was a lot of fun. at some point julie disapeared, and me adn dave go downstairs into a big lobby - it looks like for a hotel, maybe. there's a video game set up off to the side, one of us is playing it i forget who. i had some vital news for dave and run over to tell him. i dont rmemeber what it was, but i told him. part 2 of the dream, i'm in a parking lot, i've got my dad's truck cuz my car is broken (my car is fine and my dad doesnt own a truck). i was giving someone a ride home. i forget who it was, but he was kinda scary. not threatening, he was a friend, just a scary person [i know a few people liek that]. there was a lot of people in hte lot and we were all mingling. the guy i was bringing home wandered off but his stuff was still in the truck. i walked to a dining room - i dont know how i got there, i was walking to it and was suddenly there - and there was this long table, it was some sort of dinner/meeting. i knew everyone there. i was seated between the kid i was bringin home and steph. they start handing out jumbo shrimp (HUGE shrimp) as snacks/gifts. for soem reason i was going to turn them down cuz shrimp arent kosher, but decided to take one for 'later'. i joked to steph that later would probably end up being about 10 minutes. the shrimp was actually lobster shaped, but small (for a lobster, it was big for a shrimp) and it was definiltey shrimp-meat-looking, all slimy. it had eyes and everything. anyway, i set that down and it was time for hte main course, which presumably we'd had all along but didnt seem to appear til just then - lobster claw. a single lobster claw. it seemed kinda odd for a claw, as it was too wide and ddint look to have been detached from the rest of the lobster. it was kinda big too, about hte size of the ubershrimp. i tell steph that lobster claws look so weird - like big mutant slug things. i was kinda overstating the case: it didnt look so sluggy, but it definitley looked like something wonky. she laughed nervously and i kinda puppet it at her and move hte claw 'thumb' like it's talking. then i put it back down, and at that point the alarm went off. so who knows.

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