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ya know, in every other way, i'm healed from my sickness. but my throat continues to worsen. i've been coughing a lot and it is very phlegmy (sp?) today. gross.

the end of this song is fun- it all gets drowned in massive fuzzy distortion, some guy yells "yippie!" and it beeps and ends. O GOD THEY WERE SO GOOD LAST NIGHT!! holy crap. nothing like i was expecting. i saw them about a year ago and they were a standard punk band. their half of "shot by lammi" suggests the same, but last nite they were crazy. it was like shai halud with actual singing. insane rhythm changes and weird atonal riffs and long (for punk songs. it wasnt tool length or anything) instrumental parts of them all doing like private solos that somehow came together. the singing kinda reminded me of that jack drag song, 'feel so tired'. it was awesome.
o, and kith rereleased "thick as thieves" on their new label, with 2 new songs. what the hell? theyre good songs, but i'm not gonna buy the cd twice for them. hmm, i just read an interview w/ the singer - apparently the 1st version taht i got was self-released. i spose it makes sense to re-release it, but i dunno why they wanted to redesign the whole thing. and they put breakdown in front of witness for the 1st track! breakdown does have a better intro, but it's not that great of a song, and witness is one of my favorites. mumble. anyway, this doesnt actually matter, i'm just babbling.
i did pick up the new drexel cd, whenever whatever, as i was so impressed by them. it's good, but nothing like what they did live. it's not like their old stuff either tho. it's cool.

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