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ha ha! easy 5$ ! - here is where i live

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April 25th, 2001

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05:58 pm - ha ha! easy 5$ !
so nick and greg are hotly in dispute as i enter the lounge. turns out greg was flipping channels, went past something nick identified as "last of the mohicans" and greg thought was "princess bride" but since neither of them could remember which channel it was on, they flip aroundlooking for it. meanwhile, they've bet 50$ that they've correctly named the film. so in i come. "princess bride" is located on hbo. nick points out- correctly- that this does not prove "last of the mohicans" isn't also on some different channel, and refuses to pay until it's proven that it's not on. i point out they could look at tvguide.com and greg offers me 5bucks to go check it. whcih i do. of course, mohicans was not on. nick still refuses to pay, apparently on the theory that greg is dumb more often than nick. true tho it may be, he owes him 50 bucks now, and greg is not one to drop the issue. adn as soon as he pays, i get 5 bcusk for my vast efforts of looking up a site. yay!
so i've gotten thru 3 fake prose entries so far today, and i'm yet to say anything whatsoever basically. so i can milk bunches more. the problem won't be finding things to say, just in actually bothering to write it all out. ohkay!
and now i'm off to dinner, then to ben harper! whee! should be a fun nite. then i come back adn write more prosery. and sometime tomorrow hopefully i'll get my crit analysis paper done, eh? indeed.
state: pleasedpleased
np: Pearl Jam - Wish You Were Here {Pink Floyd cover live}

(en garde!)

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