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rat a tat tat, biatch!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hi. i'm on 2 hours sleep. the lsat couple times i went on very little/no sleep i was just wicked tired, but this time it's going oldskool and making me all spaztic and giddy. tra la la! so yesh, i havent' said anything much in here in a bit..


a very jaunty cap

ok, it's now like 900 hours since i said that 1st part up there. anyway, i have much to report, my little electronic buddy. so 1st off.. wednesday nite, the concert RULED THE WORLD. i headed over there after dinner, bout 7.. i'm there by my lonesome for a bit, then i spot some woodruffians. yay! so i stand aroudn talkin to them til hte show starts.. twas alison, and lisa b (my ex assassins target).. there were some other ppl in the stands but they were lame and didn't come into the crowd until later. anywayz, opening was this guy howie day (or daye or something. i haven't a notion). he was fucking cool. it was just him with his geetar, no band or whatever. but he had 2 sound guys, cuz he did crazy stuff. he made truly amazing use of echos and repeats and junk.. he would play one little riff on his guitar a time or two until it's synced or whatever, then it repeats forever, and he plays another thing over it, and they're both repeating, and he starts drumming on his guitar, and that repeats (it sounded sooo cool).. and he was doing cool stuff with hte singing too.. like he would sing something, the note would hold, and he would sing harmony with himself.. it was very good, and he just sounded really good in general. aside from nifty skills, the music was your regular singer/songwriter type stuff..
then ben harper comes on (as the entire crowd lights up their pot.. the air was pungent, i gots ta say). i wasn't really sure what to expect from him.. the only songs i knew were "steal my kisses" and his cover of "sexual healing".. so i was thinking he'd be some nice poppy guitar guy, like howie day but different. and for some songs he was that. then for some he got all accoustic and nifty.. for the 1st encore (he did 3, and each was like 4 songs.. it was sweet) he did all accoustic stuff.. started off with "indifference" from pearl jam (whee! i was soo pumped), and went on from there.. and for some songs he just rocked all to hell. it was so amazing! he had this cool slidey lap guitar thingamabob and did a ridiculous version of "whole lotta love" and it ruled. and he ruled. jamie has all his cds apparenlty, i hafta borrow/burn them.. mmm piratey music.. o, speaking of which, i mentioned he remidns me of jeff buckley to alex, who has never heard buckley (which, knowing alex, is a suprirse). i said he could borrow the cd. so i went in my room, looked for the cd. I HAVE LOST MY JEFF BUCKLEY CD. i am not pleased at this development. my current hope is it's buried somewhere in the pit of my room, so i'll hafta clean sometime soon.
anywayz, on to thursday.. calc lab. yay. quiz. yay. i forgot how to do the product rule for integration! bah! and it's not in the book or anything! crappy! then there was the nice 'picnic' which consisted of burnt burgers and bad potato salad. but whatever, twas nice. adn aegis was fun, we made posters! with blomarkers! or blopens, or whatever they're called (julie, do you remember?).. they rule, whatever they are. such fun! you blow in one end and all it looks like spraypaint shoots out hte other end. so we made crazy posters. "the happy golden city reads aegis every day!" then went to gladiator avec julie... figures after like 3 days of it being 9000 degrees, it was FREEZING on the nite they have an outdoor movie. stupid weather. we ended up leaving w/ an hour left, it was so cold. that is an excessively long film. o, i still have to return carter's blanket, which served us well. then i got back here around 11:30ish, watched simpsons, then the last half of this perfect world (such a good movie!), with the usual lounge crew. brian was more psychotic than usual, and kept threatening to stab people with a fork. i think dubie is gonna kill him by the end of the year, i really do. then eventually i managed to get myself to come back to my room and write my paper. my hugeass paper. i finally got it enough-done for the 1st draft it is and went to bed, and slept for a whopping 2 1/2 hours before having to get up for class. hurrah for the shopkeep! i think i slept today in myth, but i don't actually remember if i did or not.. which probly means i did, but ya never know.. dinner was fun.. julie and random 4th floor devine guys. they were cool, and randomly quoted simpsons, monty python, and king missile, therefore making them awesome. and one of htem knew how to play the "beverly hills cop" song on teh piano! its a shame my brain is too feeble to remember. o, that being the 2nd time today i'd heard the song.. at lunch they were randomly having an 80s musicfest or something.. we got the beverly hills cop music, putting on the ritz, sunglasses at night, sweet dreams.... it was fun!
and then, another concert, cuz i'm exciting. tonite's show began with the zambonies, who are just like pansy division, cept for singing about ice hockey instead of gay men. EVRY song was about ice hockey. it was hilarious. "4! 5! 6! monkey's got a hockey stick!" and guster was good too.. not nearly as much fun overall as zambonies, but they were better musicallyish, and put on quite a show.. the lighting was excellent, throughout.. turns out theyre quite a good band.. and they played beverly hills cop at one point. that makign it 3 times i randomly heard the song today! why?! i'm so confused.. i somehow ended up stranded in the crowd by stupid people who REFUSED TO MOVE despite empty spaces opening all around them, and i couldnt get thru.. grr. but eventually i worked my way back thru to britt and heron and julie, just in time for hte big finale of that "seasons of loving" song (waht's that actually called? i wanna dl it) and some other stuff which was good. and since i didnt know any words i made them up and sang/yelled along and had much fun.
now i'm going to sleep for a long time. tomorrow i will go to the carnival and watch the pudding wrestling adn such, instead of the prose journal entries i DESPERATELY NEED TO DO!! cuz i'm smart. this is a huge post, isnt it.. heh..

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