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good grief! - here is where i live

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November 9th, 2001

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02:31 pm - good grief!
so i was woken up FIVE TIMES last night. well, this morning. but cripe! first, around 10:15, by andrea and i think gill but i was still half asleep, asking me if i'd switch rooms with "their friend" upstairs cuz people are loud up there and i'd up all night anyway and whatever, i groaned at them a few times and eventually they got hte idea and went away and i went back to sleep. i was sposed to get up at 10:30 for class but i was tired and grumpy so i shut off my alarm and went back to sleep. around 11 they come back, knock again, i yell at them to go away and after a few minutes they figure out that means i want them to go away. back to sleep. aly goes down the hall yelling to someone. back to sleep. someone goes barreling down the hall bouncing off walls. back to sleep. then my phone rings and i give up. so i get up, go to breakfast - jess was there, so we talked awhile. yay - and come back, looking to find andrea and beat her up. but she's not around. i did find laurie in teh lounge talking to will (RA) about how her hallway is too damn loud and she never gets any sleep and had to come sleep in andrea's room last night, thus confirming my suspicion that she was their mysterious freind upstairs. why they couldnt say it was her, i'm not sure. anyway, i guess her and meg are going to write them a stern letter or something. since this will obviously be a failure, i assume will will talk to them, also fail, talk to matt, and he'll light them on fire or something. but anyway, i really have no intention of switching rooms, so they can deal with it themselves
state: exasperated
np: 5 Bucks! - To Be With You

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Date:November 10th, 2001 10:56 am (UTC)
I had a similar night to that the other night. People kept knocking on the door and calling and slamming doors. Dumb people.

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