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i finally got started on my novel. it's fun. damned if i know what i'm writing about tho, so far i've had sheep falling on a wedding, goats falling on the white house (united states of whorthrop, mind you), and some guy giving a long rambly description (it's sounding very david foster wallace. i'm not doing it intentionally but i've been reading a lot of him lately and it's such a particular way his characters talk a lot of the time) of how microbes fought it out with alien gods for earth back in teh day. funky stuff. i'm at 1500 words or thereabouts. writing at a good steady clip.

my favorite line so far: (describing the microbes) "They're small. Not even small, small is huge next to this. They're under small, like the stuff small cleans out of its toenails."

rocknroll, baybee!

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