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November 11th, 2001

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04:11 am - explanate
k, the pizza scammery was a false alarm. apaprently they all decided that it would be more fun to drive over to pizza hut and get it than have it delivered (their original reason for getting pizza instead of going to the dining hall, btw: it's too far away). so they eventually came back and the pizza was yummy and all was well with teh world. sorta.

o, and the sap... we had a "bird feeder making" social, which involved tying string on pinecones then smearing them with peanutbutter and sticking on seeds and junk. fun. so somehow during the course of that i got a glob of sap on my arm and it was gross. smelled nice tho

i saw "rounders" tonight. possibly cuz we were talking thru a lot of it so i coudlnt quite follow waht was going on (plus i know diddly squat about poker), but it definitely did not live up to my friends' hype.

o, and my friend emailed coolie (of the pilfers and the toasters), just for the hell of it, cuz apparently he posted his email address on a pilfers messageboard, and he got this huge reply. it's hilarious, coolie is definitley the man. he makes no sense at all. he told tony that he's praying for him and sending him peace and serenity vibes, or something like that. he's a good guy
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