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April 30th, 2001

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02:25 am - my exciting day
k.. alarmed myself awake at early to renew my stupid library book so they don't charge me stupid fines for it.. back to sleep goes i.. woke up again at a sane hour (noon).. ate things. food, for example.. was useless for awhile.. discovered yet again i'm dumb and forgot the shuttle schedule is lame.. watched suicide kings in the triple.. watched theatersports be funny.. watched mehrmann rule.. watched parts of pawn unction play radiohead well.. hten the girl after that sucked ass so i left before the actual pawn unction played (tho the girl did play a breathtaking version of "pardon me".. but her own songs were boring as death..) so i came back here. yay. oh, i'm seeing godsmack and deftones this summer! michelle rules!! and there was somethign else exciting that happened tonite, but i forget... oh yes, steph informs me that quiet riot, pioson, and other washed up 80s hair metal bands will be coming to manchester. i am beyond excited for this event. hmm, i think that was all. oh yeah, found my jeff buckley cd. i'm retarded, it was right in my cd book w/ all hte others. it didn't look like i remember it looking, is the problem, so when i flipped thru i didn't spot it. damn shapechanging cd. oh, and i yet again didn't work on my journal. i am really fucked on that, i think. i'm very pissed at myself for not doing that repeatedly, that is just lazy and stupid of me.
state: going to bed (shh, it's a mood)
np: 6gig - hit the ground (thsi song gets the dan seal of approval. the clubbed baby seal of approval, no less)

(en garde!)

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