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confusion reigns

so i had an interesting evening..

had my LAST PHYSICS LAB EVER MOTHAPHUCKAZ!! w00t to that (even tho i still need to write the lab report for said lab. the important thing is no more labs). as allt he physics labs tend to be, it was stuipid and didnt work very well. but hey.
came back here waiting for julie to get back from work, so we could go to dinner and aegis. she comes on, says she's sick and isnt going. otay. so i go to teh mub and meet up w/ carter and sean, and we have dinner. and i go to aegis and julie is there. she said she ran into an aegis person - i forget whcih - when she got dinner and ended up going. so whatever. it was the envelope-stuffing meeting, very useless, and most of us had no idea what was going on. it is a needlessly complex system. afterwards, i go to theatersports, and the frosh fencing crew is there: dave, vanessa, and alicia. so i sit with them [o, and steph leblanc was tehre too, but she was sitting in the back and left afterwards before i could catch her].. i did freeze! that's twice now i've done it. yay dan! it basically involved me being superglued to whatshisname and swinging aroudn the stage. it was fun. anywayz.. so afterwards, the 4 of us are walking back (we all live in the same area) and we all end up in the lil roofed door area of williamson, and the 3 of them were beign very odd. weird flirty teasing things which were silly but seemed very serious too and they all seemed slightly bothered by it but didnt. i dont know. i just stood there adn tried to understand what was going on and felt kinda out of place. but we were all laughing at the same time, cuz it was all joking too. and i'm not really sure what they thought about me standing there beign not involved, but i sure didnt know what to do. i'm not exactly sure of the time but i'll guess around 11, vanessa invites me in for hot chocolate (which makes 2 nights in a row i've had that, randomly enough). so we go to her room, and dave and alicia go off to get it on presumably. basically what we ended up doing was talking awhile and spending an inordinate amount of time looking at all her pictures. she has billions of pictures of everyone she knows and her town and so forth, and she was just talking about her life. i talked a bit too, but not so much.. i wanted too but i wasnt really comfortable at the same time. i dont know why. but anyway, so now i know a whole lot more about her. and i came back here around 1, and realized that not only did i miss adult swim :[ but i'm veryvery late in watching the movies i have to watch for linguistics [1], so i'll be up awhile tonite doin that..
and i also missed IMing with a drunk beth, which woulda been all sorts of amusing. and guinta has been leaving me cryptic IMs lately, so i hafta see what's up with him
too many people are leaving, i dont like this at all. lauri left, julie's leaving, a buncha people are studying abroad next year. it's just no good

and i'm insanely jealous of hte people that you love
and i'm insanely jealous of the fabric in your glove
and i'm insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanely jealous of you
i'm insanely jealous of you

[1] my group's linguistics project is how people w/ different accents are portrayed in movies.. the 2 movies i'm watching are rush hour and the green mile (which i've seen entirely too many times for a 3 hour movie, but i coudlnt think of anythkgn else to use, and we're having a group meeting for the presentation next week tomorrow at 1). so yeah.

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