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my favorite band for every letter of the alphabet

a - alice in chains [i'm still torn, i want to put 'atom and his package' too]
b - big d and the kids table
c - coldplay
d - deftones
e - elton john
f - fuel
g - godsmack
h - hootie and the blowfish
i - incubus
j - jeff buckley
k - kicked in the head
l - live
m - matthew sweet
n - nirvana
o - our lady peace
p - pearl jam
q - queen [the only q band i can think of!]
r - radiohead
s - simon and garfunkel [damn there's a whole lotta good s bands]
t - tom petty
u - unkle
v - i really can't decide: vengaboys or violent femmes
w - weezer
x - shit i can't think of anything! closest i can get is king's x. or static-x. but either way i'm cheating. so it's a tossup
y - yardbirds
z - zz top

i got this from billiam, who DID have an x band. conveniently, they are named x. i've never heard of them.

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