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points of note

i was woken up this morning by my door slamming open due to a sudden cross breeze between my open window and the hallway. i tried to go back to sleep but the door kept opening and closing and the windowshade kept clattering and it was all very irritating.
shannah never turned up again
unh won both hockey games this weekend and is therefore clearly the superior institution of higher learning.


tomorrow i will watch rambo: first blood, for the 1st time. heh

i just realized i have to get up around 11:30 tomorrow to eat and leave on time for the show. o bother.

i was in a very silly mood earlier tonight and was dancing around my room to guess who "undun", then billy joel "for the longest time". during this i was also shaving off the 4 days of stubble. my face is smoother now! [note that i did not actualy say smooth, as that never occurs. the stubble reasserts itself very quickly]

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