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all male revue

tiiznit (1:36:44 PM): i finished my creative writing story, but i have to forge two months of journal entries in the next 6 hours. :-)
King Nixon (1:37:02 PM): hee, good deal
tiiznit (1:37:12 PM): do you think it's possible?
King Nixon (1:37:15 PM): i have a week to forge my journal!
King Nixon (1:37:17 PM): sure
tiiznit (1:37:26 PM): damn you!
tiiznit (1:37:33 PM): that was me, a week ago! when i was doing nothing!
King Nixon (1:37:46 PM): see, you shoulda planned ahead like me. now i have an extra week to slack until i have 6 hrs left to do it
King Nixon (1:37:48 PM): then i will start
tiiznit (1:37:55 PM): hm
tiiznit (1:38:02 PM): yes, it is my fault your deadline is later than mine
tiiznit (1:38:08 PM): but at least i'm off school tuesday. :D
King Nixon (1:38:22 PM): at least i'm sexy
tiiznit (1:38:26 PM): no you're not.
tiiznit (1:38:29 PM): you're jewish
tiiznit (1:38:34 PM): i'm sexy.
King Nixon (1:38:34 PM): oh yeah. damn
King Nixon (1:38:40 PM): no you're not! youre canadian
tiiznit (1:38:50 PM): canadian=sexy
tiiznit (1:38:55 PM): unless you're from the east
King Nixon (1:38:56 PM): in bizarro world
King Nixon (1:39:03 PM): which i am, therefore youre not sexy
tiiznit (1:39:08 PM): you and i both live in bizarro world
tiiznit (1:39:13 PM): eastern canada, you fool
King Nixon (1:39:14 PM): (i am -> in east, not in bizarro world)
tiiznit (1:39:22 PM): and being in the east, you would be UNsexy
King Nixon (1:39:27 PM): bizarre, but not bizarro
King Nixon (1:39:34 PM): nope, doesnt work that way
tiiznit (1:39:41 PM): does too.
King Nixon (1:39:45 PM): anywayz, i'm off.. mmm take-home linguistics quiz!
tiiznit (1:39:48 PM): and my dick is bigger
tiiznit (1:39:53 PM): mmm! i love those
tiiznit (1:39:56 PM): byebye
King Nixon (1:39:57 PM): cuz youre metric
King Nixon (1:40:02 PM): bye
tiiznit (1:40:07 PM): yes, meaning i'm measured in metres
tiiznit (1:41:17 PM): ARE NOT!
Auto response from King Nixon (1:41:17 PM): sexier than john
tiiznit (1:41:29 PM): whore!

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