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amp - here is where i live

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December 4th, 2001

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03:07 pm - amp
so i'm revising my fiction story. it's gone from 3 pages to 7 and i'm bout halfway done. problem is, i have no idea what to do with the end now. the way i had it doesnt work anymore, and fuck if i know what to do to it. eh. i think it doesnt have to be finished til next week anyway. course, i could be wrong, but i wont find out for an hour. o yeah, and after class i have an hour to learn physics for hte test. noooo problem. ha ha. nope. maybe we'll get out of class early, thatd be nice.. i dont really know what we're doin in class today

fuckin a. i cant wait til this semester is over
state: stress
np: Genesis - No Son Of Mine

(en garde!)

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