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i don't know. don't even read this ???

today was.. i dont know what today was. unexpected. 1st off, i had a weird dream. i don't remember it clearly enough to write out, but i remember it started fairly normally (dreamwise) and i went to dinner with my family, to the hooksett family restaurant, which really exists even if it doesnt look like how it did in the dream. anywayz we're there just sitting down, and daniel polierer [1] comes outta nowhere to say hi. i guess he was tehre w/ his family too but i never saw any of them. anyway, here the dream completely loses any sense - it cuts to a house, i forget if it's mine or his.. tho i suspect mine and he was there for some damn reason. but i'm in teh garage and tehre's somethign really bad in teh trunk of a car, i forget what or why. but it's incriminating of me, adn he comes into the garage when i'm out there. adn sadly i forget the rest of the dream so i dont know if i got caught or what happened, but it was very odd
anyway tho, so i wake up to larissa talkin to joanne out her window (they dint wake me up, thats just hte 1st thing i heard). i go to lunch and there's people there - some peopel i know sitting w/ people i didnt know. so i sit down and am introduced, then like a minut later everyone i knew there left. so it was me and 2 girls i dont know. yay. then some fencing people showed up (vanessa and alicia). then i left, so it was them and poeple they didnt know. everyone was getting traded off at that table. in between people leaving and fencing people showing up, it was me, some girl whose name i forget now, and this girl alice. it's weird, we were getting along quite well considering we'd met like a minute before, and talking and all, but at the same time i intensely didnt like her. not like DISlike her, but i wasnt enjoying talking to her at all, ya know? but whatever
i spent most of hte day writing my lab report which sucked. but it's the last one i'll ever have to do, so SPANK!
at some point during that - i got sick of writing it at one point and went online for awhile - larissa invites me to acorns for dinner w/ a buncha people (theyre having some use-up-all-your-block-plans deal there where the buffet is 4 meal plans, so the 3 people who had block plans took the other 6 of us out). it was pretty sweet.. the food was quite good. tho apparenlty teh check if we'd been paying w/ money woulda come to like 200 bucks and the food definitley was not 200 dollars quality. that woulda been close to 25 per person. tho on the plus side, for some reason acorns gives everyone who eats tehre a lil rubber squeezy squeaky frog toy, so we got those and squeaked them at each other and passers-by. theyre fun
mike, andy, and pete beat hte hell out of each other on the way back to all our amusements (and took everyone else out a few times). i relaly had a lot of fun, i need to hang out w/ all of them more.. which i guess i will be. not to mention goin to weezer[2] w/ em supposedly. so yeah.
but i guess everyone's goin to acorns again next thursday.. i dunno if i can go. julie told me tonite that next week is the last aegis meeting of hte semester w/ party after, and i woudlnt be able to go to both.. we'll see. so i'll probly go to aegis next week instead. s'all good
then there was more hanging out when we got back (i beat andy at chess w/ his crapped up board [all the pieces are like handcarved and theyre all deformed so neither of us could tell what piece was what] and mike won at risk in my name. yay me)(it's funny how into movies and board games and stuff my dorm is. we're all 5), then we disbanded. paul was watching rambo 2 in the lounge when i went down there but finally around midnite he cleared out and i got to watch magnolia. WEIRD MOVIE!!! o my bizarre. it was soooo good tho, definitley worth seeing. around 2am, larissa walks out of the dorm. i was wondering where she was headed and figured i'd ask when she came back in. then right at the end of the movie, she walks in with dave, of all people. i guess they just went out for a walk randomly.. so yeah, we sit there for like an hour, me and dave reminiscing about how psychotic we were as kids, and she just laughs at everything we're saying. with good reason, we really made no sense as kids (as opposed to now..). it's funny shit
so then at 4 in teh morning we all head off to lee so i can return my movies (only a day late! yay!). hooray for having my car in E lot, that's convenient when i need it. it was fun, just driving and talking and laughing at everything in the middle of the night. i really dont do that enough anymore
ya know.. when dave and larissa walked in, i felt really jealous. i mean, i know theres a lot of girls he's freinds with, but i just got a feeling when they came in. the same feeling i got about dave (teh other dave) and laura before htey started goin out. i dont know. i'm sure i've had this feeling a million times and was wrong, but of course i only remember when i'm right (all the better to think i'm psychic or something, i dunno). maybe just cuz i dint even realize they were friends. or whatever.
not that theres anything to be jealous about anyway
not that it matters
i guess

i wonder if either of them will read that. hmm. i know andy's read my journal at least once and he talks to them.. tho why anyone would wanna read this thing more than once is beyond me, i'm boring

i really wish i could... reprogram myself. there's just so many things i think and do (or dont do) for the stupidest reasons, and i KNOW theyre stupid which makes it worse. but i cant help it. i'd like to learn nlp but i dont have hte patience - but i suspect it woudlnt work on me the same way hypnosis doesnt. but i'm continually learning more and more just how ill equipped i am to deal with life at all. it's scary

[1] i'm sure i spelled his last name wrong, and i'm not certain his 1st name is daniel. but yeah, he is the son of my temple's old rabbi, who moved away like 5 years back. i never liked him much but i didnt dislike him either (the son), he was just kinda there. in the dream tho, he was acting SO MUCH like michael seiver (yes, from family ties)(i'm sure i spelled that name wrong too). i was even thinking that in the dream, that he was acting like him. weird
[2] i can't remmeber if i ever said this! i'm goin to see weezer, tenacious d, and jimmy eat world. w00t!

o yeah! and i guess julie is gonna be too poor to go to virginia beach for spring break, so it looks like i'll be goin out to vancouver to visit =) that should be a good trip
and lauri will be here again soon! the.... 18th i believe. shit i still need to call her mom, i was gonna do that today. damn my memory
and i need to write up a lil thing for meeting my linguistics group tomorrow at 1.. like a page on each movie (green mile and rush hour). it wont take long at all, but on the other hand it's past 5:30 in the morning. i'm thinking i should go to bed til like 11:30, get up, write the things then. so that's the plan

[i edited what i had in the mood box at least 5 times and i still dont know what i want in there. so i'm gonna leave it empty]

so that was today.

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