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i won't be soothed over like-
smoothed over like milk
a bedspread or a quilt

don't worry, i'm not lookin at you
gorgeous and dressed in blue...
so whisper me your number, i'll call you up at home

why do i so enjoy quoting obscure song lyrics? i dunno but i really do. for the record, neither of those are from the np

clarkEarky (2:57:59 PM): there's no better way to learn than by staring at breasts
clarkEarky (2:58:05 PM): mmm breashts
King Nixon (2:58:24 PM): i would definltey learn more if breasts were involved
clarkEarky (2:58:36 PM): no breasts yet, dan?
King Nixon (2:58:44 PM): nah, i'm still flat
clarkEarky (2:58:51 PM): that's shitty. go on the pill
clarkEarky (2:58:58 PM): the breast control pill
King Nixon (2:59:00 PM): but then i coudlnt get pregnant!
clarkEarky (2:59:29 PM): damn it.. your boys would be so cute
King Nixon (2:59:40 PM): how else will i tie my man down if he doesnt knock me up?

yay! and she's (she being sara) coming up to unh today and we get to hang out and hooray!
and sheila divine is tonite. this is looking to be a banner day

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