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King Nixon (3:24:28 PM): now tell me if this strikes you as odd...... the "accept gay people" group on campus is doing this comedy night thing, which is billed everywhere as featuring "lorne newman, gay comedian". if the idea is to nto stereotype people, shouldnt they not be emphasising his gayness? that seems counterproductive
stgegodess (3:24:54 PM): I agree with Daniel.
King Nixon (3:26:00 PM): kinda like the womens right group last week was protesting how guys apparently get paid more for jobs than girls do. they did this via having a bake sale and charging guys more for the same food. which as i pointed out, was fighting sexism by being sexist, not hte best policy. they didnt appreciate my input
stgegodess (3:26:15 PM): I appreciate it!
King Nixon (3:26:21 PM): why thank you
King Nixon (3:26:28 PM): you are clearly more rational than they
stgegodess (3:26:28 PM): and I agree with it.
stgegodess (3:26:30 PM): yes
stgegodess (3:27:12 PM): And by being rational, I have disproven that pesky stereotype of irrational women, thus proving their cause. Haha! I win!

and furthermore:

stgegodess (3:45:12 PM): I felt similarly
King Nixon (3:46:45 PM): i'm glad we're in agreemnt on this issue
stgegodess (3:46:59 PM): me to. Its m=nice to agree.
stgegodess (3:47:02 PM): nice even
King Nixon (3:48:58 PM): ohhhhh we are the buddy bears we always get along
we will dance a dance for you and sing a little sing
if you ever disagree, it means that you are wrong!
ohhhh we are the buddy bears, we always get along
King Nixon (3:49:05 PM): sing a little song
stgegodess (3:49:27 PM): heh you said sing a little sing! I was trying to remember what those stupid bears were called.
King Nixon (3:49:53 PM): heh, that i did. [sings a little sing]
King Nixon (3:49:57 PM): not stupid! they were the best part of that show
stgegodess (3:50:06 PM): they sucked. garfield ruled
King Nixon (3:50:14 PM): followed by that clown guy whose name i forget. then wade
stgegodess (3:50:32 PM): they sucked.
King Nixon (3:50:34 PM): nooooo
stgegodess (3:50:38 PM): yes.
King Nixon (3:50:56 PM): clearly, we are now wrong
stgegodess (3:51:14 PM): lol because we disagree?
King Nixon (3:51:32 PM): yes

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