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haha, this was cute

King Nixon (6:26:26 PM): yo
lemonie021 (6:26:33 PM): who's this?
King Nixon (6:26:38 PM): dan
King Nixon (6:26:39 PM): woody
lemonie021 (6:26:52 PM): do I know you?
lemonie021 (6:26:56 PM): NEMC?
King Nixon (6:27:37 PM): ummm
King Nixon (6:27:38 PM): joanne?
lemonie021 (6:27:51 PM): wait wait wait.
lemonie021 (6:28:11 PM): you are joanne? or through joanne.
King Nixon (6:28:46 PM): no, i was asking if this was joanne.. (which i guess youre not, then). this screenname was listed under her email
lemonie021 (6:28:59 PM): this is a cousin of joanne.
King Nixon (6:29:04 PM): ah
King Nixon (6:29:05 PM): okay then
lemonie021 (6:29:09 PM): are you taling about Ducas?
King Nixon (6:29:12 PM): yeah
lemonie021 (6:29:22 PM): the ducas of Manchvegas?
lemonie021 (6:29:26 PM): now at UNH?
King Nixon (6:29:32 PM): thatd be her, yeah
lemonie021 (6:29:39 PM): loves the environment.
lemonie021 (6:29:42 PM): okay okay.
King Nixon (6:29:43 PM): lol
lemonie021 (6:29:56 PM): I love Joanne! She's the coolest!
lemonie021 (6:30:08 PM): are you a central friend?
King Nixon (6:30:35 PM): yeah she is!
King Nixon (6:30:38 PM): yep. and i'm at unh too
lemonie021 (6:31:04 PM): oh well why don't you just hop on over to her dorm room and tell her you talked to her cousin Mel!
King Nixon (6:31:31 PM): heh, i'll be sure and do that
King Nixon (6:31:36 PM): not now tho, i have homework >:o
King Nixon (6:31:40 PM): next time i see her
lemonie021 (6:31:44 PM): have fun with that then!
lemonie021 (6:31:53 PM): nice talking to you!
King Nixon (6:32:01 PM): you too =)

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