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stgegodess (6:08:29 PM): I wanna go, take me!
Auto response from King Nixon (6:08:29 PM): dining. then i'll probably come back here and homework more. then i want to go to one of the movies in the mub tonite. does anyone feel like seeing curse of the jade scorpion or hedwig and the angry inch?
King Nixon (6:25:06 PM): ya know, you always say you want to go with me when i ask stuff like that, but then you never do :[
King Nixon (6:25:15 PM): its all a big tease
stgegodess (6:25:22 PM): you never arrive to pick me up
stgegodess (6:30:19 PM): you DON'T....
King Nixon (6:31:14 PM): well that was never part of the offer. i ask if someone wants to go and you say yes. the onus is on you to arrive promptly
stgegodess (6:31:34 PM): You dont ever tell me when these things are, and you KNOW I ahve no car.
stgegodess (6:31:37 PM): have evne
stgegodess (6:31:38 PM): even
stgegodess (6:31:40 PM): argh
King Nixon (6:32:27 PM): you could walk!
King Nixon (6:32:30 PM): it's very healthy, you know
King Nixon (6:32:33 PM): walking
stgegodess (6:32:38 PM): not for that distance
King Nixon (6:32:48 PM): if you planned ahead
stgegodess (6:33:08 PM): not for that distance!!
King Nixon (6:33:27 PM): sure! leave a month ago, bring plenty of money for motel rooms and food. you'd make it
King Nixon (6:33:46 PM): if you come, i'll pay for your movie ticket AND buy you a cookie
stgegodess (6:34:15 PM): Wait, you expect me to pay my own travel expenses too? Jebus! If you were gonna pick me up, I'd at least help pay for gas....
King Nixon (6:35:04 PM): hey now, be glad youre getting a free cookie out of it
stgegodess (6:35:36 PM): Im not coming :oÞ Im getting free *dinner*!
King Nixon (6:35:56 PM): see, just like i said at the beginning of this conversation! it's all been a tease
stgegodess (6:36:19 PM): you werent prepared to meet my terms. whore.
King Nixon (6:38:44 PM): your terms were unreasonable. skank.
stgegodess (6:39:11 PM): they are not, I was going to help pay for gas!!! slut
King Nixon (6:40:44 PM): which means i would still have to pay for some of hte gas! i would be expending time and money, when teh whole point of hte original request for accompanyment was for my own convenience. slutbucket
King Nixon (6:41:20 PM): is shaniqua there? HELL NO
stgegodess (6:41:30 PM): To accomodate your convenience you should be willing to accomodate the convenience of those willing to accomodate
King Nixon (6:41:56 PM): i don't see how directly inconveniencing myself in any way accomodates my convenience
stgegodess (6:42:23 PM): I'd convenience you by going to the movies! and helping pay for the gas. but nooooooooooooooooooooooo
stgegodess (6:42:40 PM): dan = retarded pooh.
King Nixon (6:43:52 PM): but it is infinitely more convenient for me to go directly ot hte movie and meet peopel who are willing to abide by the implied rules of the invitation
King Nixon (6:44:05 PM): i am not pooh! jamie=pooh. he even admitted to such
stgegodess (6:44:19 PM): Jamie does NOT = pooh!
King Nixon (6:44:37 PM): i'm afraid so
stgegodess (6:44:56 PM): nope. I know better. I've slept with him
King Nixon (6:46:12 PM): but you havent slept wiht me, and you call me pooh
stgegodess (6:46:33 PM): yes but I know about you!
King Nixon (6:46:41 PM): and i know about him!
stgegodess (6:46:47 PM): nope.
King Nixon (6:49:35 PM): i think i do
King Nixon (6:49:40 PM): [casts a knowing glance at jamie]
stgegodess (6:50:00 PM): retard! he is not! I've smelled him
King Nixon (6:52:27 PM): he's freeze-dried. no smell
stgegodess (6:52:39 PM): he is not! I've tasted him!
King Nixon (6:53:08 PM): artificial flavoring
King Nixon (6:53:15 PM): extracts and whatnot
stgegodess (6:53:33 PM): I've seen and felt him too
King Nixon (6:53:44 PM): it was a realjamie doll
stgegodess (6:53:59 PM): was not
King Nixon (6:54:08 PM): yes it was. theyre very lifelike
stgegodess (6:54:28 PM): was NOT
King Nixon (6:55:32 PM): it was, tho. i was hiding in the bureau operating him via remote control
stgegodess (6:56:05 PM): "I don't like it" "Really?" "Its kinda slutty." "Its YOURS." "Yeah, well...Im a slut!" -friends. You were not! there were never any bureaus!
King Nixon (6:56:51 PM): i meant the federal bureau of investigation.
stgegodess (6:56:59 PM): nuh UH
King Nixon (6:57:05 PM): sure i am! i'm undercover
stgegodess (6:57:21 PM): if you WERE undercover, you wouldn't TELL ME you were undercover
King Nixon (6:57:37 PM): you have security clearance
King Nixon (6:57:57 PM): you were elected to test the topsecret realjamie doll project, after all
stgegodess (6:58:00 PM): No I don't. My lack of clearance was firmly established at work this summer.
King Nixon (6:58:06 PM): that was a cover
stgegodess (6:58:09 PM): youre a freak
King Nixon (6:58:12 PM): yep! =)
stgegodess (6:58:12 PM): was NOT
King Nixon (6:58:16 PM): was so
stgegodess (6:58:35 PM): nope.
King Nixon (7:02:46 PM): arright, i'm gonna go homework for awhile
stgegodess (7:03:56 PM): ok
King Nixon (7:04:07 PM): byee
stgegodess (7:04:23 PM): byee
stgegodess (7:04:32 PM): [I win!]
King Nixon (7:06:41 PM): not if i have a comeback! [wins]
King Nixon (7:06:43 PM): [retires]
stgegodess (7:07:07 PM): nope. I won, theres nothing you can do. I never agreed to a rematch. and youre retired, so ha!
King Nixon (7:07:17 PM): i retired after winning
King Nixon (7:07:29 PM): your manager agreed tothe rematch, he's got you under contract
stgegodess (7:07:36 PM): no, because I won, and never agreed to a rematch. Im my own manager.
King Nixon (7:08:12 PM): yes, and the you who is your manager agreed to the rematch without consulting the other you, who is competing
King Nixon (7:08:23 PM): and since that you didnt show up, i won by default
King Nixon (7:08:39 PM): and retired, hence i cannot be rematched as i am no longer in competition
stgegodess (7:08:53 PM): Nope. Sorry. You set up a rematch with the wrong person, as you set it up with someone whose manager is a he.
King Nixon (7:09:06 PM): it was teh hat, it threw me off
King Nixon (7:09:07 PM): sorry
stgegodess (7:09:24 PM): what?
King Nixon (7:09:32 PM): the hat. it said I AM A HE on it, in big letters
King Nixon (7:09:47 PM): managermel was wearing it when she agreed to the rematch
stgegodess (7:10:02 PM): I wasn't wearing a hat. Wasn't me. Hats don't fit me, in any version of me.
King Nixon (7:10:11 PM): i think it was ducttaped on
stgegodess (7:10:35 PM): nope. I'd never do such a thing. You've got the wrong person. byebye.
King Nixon (7:10:42 PM): byebye
stgegodess (7:10:47 PM): *gets a restraining order*
King Nixon (7:11:02 PM): [violates said order]
stgegodess (7:11:12 PM): *has cops throw you in jail*
Auto response from King Nixon (7:11:12 PM): dude, homework sucks.
i want to go to one of the movies in the mub tonite. does anyone feel like seeing curse of the jade scorpion or hedwig and the angry inch?

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