Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk


so julie's car is broken, and i'm giving her a ride to work tomorrow morning, 9:40am. i dont know why

yes i do

but it's stupid

for a change

Casner5 (12:42:57 AM): I hjV EOSME PROBELELS, WOYJ YOU
King Nixon (12:43:14 AM): what?
Casner5 (12:43:35 AM): yoyu' re a very nicx ekid who
Casner5 (12:43:48 AM): doesn; tealize what a bigot he is
Casner5 (12:43:57 AM): this is porberlm fo rfme
Casner5 (12:44:04 AM): O ;pve yo som mucjh
Casner5 (12:44:16 AM): adn I hat eyour smal minded nesss
King Nixon (12:44:21 AM): how ami smallminded?
Casner5 (12:45:07 AM): upo domn;t iktned to be.
Casner5 (12:45:28 AM): You just dont; can;t khelpot/amd uyo a
King Nixon (12:45:54 AM): what?
King Nixon (12:46:05 AM): i cant figure that out
Casner5 (12:46:37 AM): whT D O YONOEST,Y BEED T FIGUFEOUT?
King Nixon (12:47:29 AM): the last thing you said. i cant figure out what it means, your typing is shot
Casner5 (12:48:01 AM): YES
Casner5 (12:48:20 AM): I'm sorrythat cinfyuesed you]
King Nixon (12:48:43 AM): it's allright. could you explain it though?
Casner5 (12:49:15 AM): up
Casner5 (12:49:40 AM): re sp swet/ tht brasks ,y heart ./ taht yuoy need it expalined.
Casner5 signed off at 12:56:18 AM.

i have come to realize that typing my problems into the internet does not make me feel any better, and only confuses me more

which leaves me very little reason to say anything on here other than to distract myself

of course, that's all i've been using this for for awhile now anyway, so i guess it's ok

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