Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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i'd forgotten how good this song is, it verymuch rocks. most of the cd is pretty weak tho, sadly. cds like this piss me off: where there's a couple great songs and then a lot of terribe crud. white town would be the ultimate example of this for me.. "your woman", an excellent song, is the only song on that cd i can stand to listen to
looking thru my cds for some appropriate music while i wrote my paper for bible lit, i discovered i have 5 christian cds [p.o.d., dc talk, hangnail, songs from the penalty box, five iron frenzy]. whatta ya know. o yeah, and 2 creed cds, i spose they count too
i'd been kinda wondering lately why tehre are so many christian bands and so few jewish bands.. it occurred to me the other day: cuz judaism isnt evangelical. yeah.
i still remember renny's comment when he heard the lazardos cd... "they sound like atheists". i still dont know what to make of that

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