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id' always wondered why jesus yells "why have you forsaken me?" when he's crucified. taht seemed like a very odd thing to say, all things considered. turns out he's quoting one of the psalms. scholar til the end..
he really wasn't a particularly emotional fellow

now there's a key where my wonderful mouth used to be that's such a cool line, but it doesn't seem to mean much of anything. much like this song as a whole

the show was much good. i know 3 jimmy eat world songs and love 2 of them,a dn they played both so i was happy. tenacious d was hilarious and silly and fun and very odd considering the bands htey were playign with. weezer was ... weezery. one of the least energetic stage presence i've seen, but alot of their songs arent that energetic anyway. but they were great, and played much goodness. tho very little from pinkerton, sadly

mike's house is wicked kitchy and cute, i was pleased

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