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why latin died out

i think this is hilarious.... this is my friend's away msg today:

Professor Trzaskoma handed my good friend's Latin class a poem, and told
them to read it. Occassionaly, there were notes made to help the class
understand idiomatic things and such. Here is my favorite...

"Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo"

or according to the note:

"To inflict anal and oral sex upon. Both are ancient and primitive forms of
humiliation, still in practice as forms of rape. Pedicare means to bugger;
Irrumare means to force a person to perform oral sex (fellatio)."

We can look at this statement in a lot of ways. For example, the Latinians
were fucked up doods. Or you could be just like my roommate and look at it

"I find it funny. The first line of the poem the author says 'I will anally
rape you, and make you blow me'".

Yes, those Latinians had poor people skills. Perhaps this is why they are
all dead.

Note: Rape is bad

in other news, my right leg is all sorts of messed up now. it was fine all day then at dinner it started getting a little sore in the upper thigh region. walking home from dinner it was getting worse, like it's really tight adn hurts when i move it or put weight on it. whee. then jo randomly drove by while i was comin back here so we hung out awhile. i got to see her (boyfriend's) house! yay! and now here i am again, adn will soon be goin to fencing. i probly won't be able to do a whole lot but i guess today is announcements-for-the-end-of-the-semester day, so i should probly be there
ahh! i just realized my computer clock is all messed up cuz it's been on for like 6 years.. i thought it was 7:15, it's 7:23.. i'm gonna be late. for a change......

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