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laaaaast niiiight

XsXeDulcetCryX (8:48:36 PM): it's a bunnie!

^ my new friend jess. she's super cute

and while you're at it, here's some lifechanging advice from the winamp faq:
If I shake Winamp around, will it answer my important life questions, like the Magic 8 Ball?

Hard to foresee.


i know some amazingly interesting people.
so tonite was sposed to be the last aegis meeting of hte semester, avec party. but the actual aegises werent printed on time or something so they hadnt come in yet, hence the meeting is postponed. i guess. hmm. so anyway, that left me with nothing to do for the evening, so i figured i'd go to theatersports at 9. it being right around 8, i wandered the mub looking for a good way to kill an hour. goin upstairs to inspect the movie board for no reason - i already knew what was playing - it turned out jess was doing the "take your ticket and mark your hand for hte movie" thing (why they dont just do that when you pay and cut out the extra work is beyond me) so i hung out w/ her for the hour. i'd actually just met her at lunch today.. sorta. we've met before but never talked really. but she was at lunch with dave and people in the mub when i went over around 1:30. but yeah, that was fun. she was very silly
so theatersports was great.. i didnt play freeze this time tho. there goes my streak of having done it twice in a row
o yeah, so yesterday when i went to fencing... linnae and coach for some reason both did not show up, hence there being none announcements. grr, that was a wasted trip. but supposedly they shall happen tomorrow, when i'll be able to fence even cuz my leg feels fine today. whateva

i got a haircut today! i'm less filthy now! it's very exciting!

update: jeez i'm on crack. i reread this entry after posting it, for no particular reason. and i found a whole bunch of mistakes (like forgetting to close the parentheses and saying aegis instead of theatersports, both of which could cause vast confusion possibly)

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