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so, last night was appleseed cass/alkaline trio/get up kids, at teh paladium. not having a particularly good day by the time we got there, i wasnt in the best mind to enjoy myself. finally, for get up kids i went into the pit, which was quite packed (it was a sold out show, after all). it was fun crazy, too packed for any actual moshing or whatever, just a lot of people pushing back and forth and falling all over each other. anywayz, so i'm starting to get into it, and getting into a better mood (ah, the catharsis of repeatedly slamming into 100s of strangers to good music), when i get hit in the back of hte head by a crowdsurfer adn my glasses go sailing off. presumably they were atomized the second they hit the floor. nontheless i squat down and try feeling blindly for them. somehow my hands werent stomped. they were nowhere to be found, tho. and waiting for teh crowd to clear out to get a better search was no help either (tho i did find the frame of another pair, very smashed).
i was pretty pissed off about this, being the blind kid i am. which is a shame cuz it ruined the mood i was starting to salvage, not to mention i coudlnt really enjoy teh rest of the show which was by all accounts excellent (among other things, they covered jay-z "izzo" and bowie "suffragette city", and finished off with mass pike of course). so yeah. larissa somehow finds this guy who says he can get her backstage. turns out that was a wash, as we find out later. but we were thinking she'd be a while (alk3 is one of her favorite bands, so i dont think anyone particuarly minded letting her have her fun), adn the garage closed at midnight so we went to rescue our cars.
luckily, it turns out i had a spare pair of glasses in the glvoe compartment. theyre about 7 yrs old so the prescription is less than perfect (and god these are ugly frames. why did i ever get these?), but i could see well enough to drive. so me and joanne - who wanted to be dropped off in manch - drive off, and the rest of the group stuck around, circling until larissa reappeared. no one exactly knew how to get back to the hgihway. we (me and joanne) find 122N, which we figured would work well enough. it was going north, a plus, and small highways tend to intersect bigger ones every so often. this one did not, and as it turns out was going much more west than north. we eventually came to a 24hr convenient store, run by this sketchy old mideastern dude who had to unlock the door to let us in, who explains to us in broken english how ot get home. a look at a map shows us how veryvery off course we were. anyway, we eventualy get back to manch around 2:40am i think. i drop joanne off, and figure itd be easier at this point ot just go home and i can go back to school tomorrow. the front door of course is locked - not just the part i can unlock avec key, but the screendoor - so i had to ring the bell and freak out my mom (who informed me if this happens and no one answers i should unlock the back door and sleep in teh basement).
so yeah. i have to get new glasses now. i'm thinking of going with contacts

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