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dream a little dream of me

i'm late! no, i'm not late yet, but i'm going to be. i have to pick up julie cuz we're going to an our lady peace concert. i'm at school, but it's a mighty weird place. through some accident i don't remember so well, something with wires and straps and i got caught in it somehow, but i'd hurt my thumb. not a big deal, but i wanted to get it taken care of (there were other people who were getting hurt much worse, i knew. not from the same thing, but similar situations). so i go where i thought i was supposed to go and ask about it, and i'm told go down the hall, around the corner, follow it to the end. i do so, and ended up in the future.
not that it was terribly futuristic, but it was teh future all the same, i was aware of this fact. i talk to the lady at teh front desk (i tink i was in a hospital) and she told me to go down the hall some more and find someone. i go down and there's groups of people in different glass-walled rooms watching some safety video. there were two rooms, both watching the video. i knew there would be official-type people in teh rooms somewhere and i had to find one, but i was afraid to go into the room cuz i thought they'd assume i was tehre to see the video and be mad cuz i was late. or they'd think i was interrupting or somethin. but i had to go in so i did, looking around, i spotted steph in teh crowd, and soon enough i found this black lady in what looked sort of like the shirt i had to wear when i worked at papa ginos - this was how i knew she was an official person. so i talked to her, we went outside the glass rooms and she looks at my thumb. at this point it didnt hurt as much anymore and i only saw this 1 cut right behind the nail, which objectively was a rather frightening thing to be there, as it was just a big hole in the top of my thumb, but i wasnt concerned with it at the time. i felt bad for bothering her about such a smal thing. but she thought it was serious and showed me that i had a lot of blood pooled up under the nail that i hadnt noticed.
so she's going to bandage it up. apparently there are no bandaids in the future, as the only thing she can find to use is a pepperoni off a piece of pizza, which she pressed against my thumb until it stuck there on its own. it kinda burned. then she started putting athletic tape around my shoulders for some reason and it was getting all tangled up. she finished that up soon enough and i was leaving when this guy who was also tangled in tape somehow ended up fighting me. at this point i was back in front of the front desk who'd pointed me towards the glass rooms. this desk was against the outside wall of a building, so i was standing in a little park, with a bench and trees and whatnot. i can't remember at all why i was fighting this guy. but this went on for awhile, back and forth, when suddenly i realized i was late, told him i had to go and he won, and looked at my watch it was 10 o'clock. then everone was gone and i knew i'd been dreaming and never wentinto the future or hurt my thumb or fought that guy. but my watch still said 10 so i was wicked late and julie was gonna be pissed cuz i'd never shown up and we'd by far missed the show. i knew it wasn't my fault but i couldn't figure out how, until i realized that i had dreamed the show too and there was no show. so i wasnt late cuz i wasnt going to go get her at all.
at this point it just gets amusing, as dr dre shows up with a buncha kids, and he's leading us all in a chorus of "keep their heads ringing", as we're all circling the park. some of the kids are seeing who can jump the farthest and me and this one kid start making fun of each other for not beign able to jump far enough even tho neither of us have jumped yet. he points a big stick at me, which seems to be a magic wand or something. i think after that i went to jump, but i dont really remember cuz at that point i was woken up.
so yeah. the end.

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