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December 24th, 2001

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01:48 pm - POLL!!
they're rare, but they happen

so, talking to my dad today about my 'hanukah' present (seeing as hanukah is over, but we're good like that). the original plan had been an acoustic geetar. the reason being i want a guitar at school but last year didnt have enough room for my electric with teh amp and whatnot. this year, however, i have more room as i rearranged a buncha stuff, so i could fit all my rockin' paraphenalia in there, should i so desire. that wasn't the ONLY reason i want an acoustic, however, it'd just be cool to have one. theyr'e nice and all. however, i don't know that i want one enough to justify it, just cuz it's neat, as i alreayd have a guitar whcih now can get into my room. and now, rather than think for myself, i'm enlisting your help.

[i'm not actually deciding based on what you say of course, i just wanna get some opinions. and i will be keepign the electric either way, if you were wondering]

Poll #14155 rock out with your cock out

so, what's the dilly-o?

go acoustic
stay electric

and for an opinion baseline, what's your favorite band?

state: my back hurts
np: police - can't stand losing you

(8 shots upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:January 8th, 2002 04:59 pm (UTC)

Re: Well, the obvious choice here is....

*rocks out*

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